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My Experience With Oil Cleansing

If you’re anything like me, you may be thinking “Oil cleansing? What’s that!” Well up until a few months ago I was totally clueless to oil cleansing and honestly my first thought was that it wouldn’t work for me because I have oily skin naturally. Boy was I wrong! The oil cleansing method (ocm) has completely changed my skin and now it‘s my go-to cleansing method. So I will answer the most frequently asked questions regarding oil cleansing.

What is the oil cleansing method (ocm)?

The scientific theory behind the ocm is that oil dissolves oil, therefore with the oil cleansing method, you are using vitamin enriched natural oils to attract, bond with, and remove the dirty oils from your skin and pores.

This may sound counterintuitive,

but it’s attracts like.

Many conventional cleansers strip the skin of its natural oil that’s needed for protection from environmental factors. Our skin’s natural oil is also ph balanced, so when it’s unbalanced it reacts with breakouts, dryness, or an overcompensation of oiliness.

Which oils should I cleanse with?

The answer totally depends on your skin type. I personally like to combine coconut oil (moisturizing), castor oil (detoxifying), rosehip seed oil (anti-aging). But there are many others that are just as beneficial. I also love to mix some essential oils with these to really maximize the benefits. The combinations are endless.

No matter the skin type oil cleansing has been proven to clear

acne, unclog pores, and give you glowing skin.

How do I oil cleanse?

Now for the fun part. Once you have your combination of oils placed in a sanitized container you will do the following: First, apply a dime sized amount of oil to your dry face and massage for a minute or two. I personally like to take my time with this step. Don‘t rush this step, really take the time to massage the oil into your skin. Next, choose a washcloth that’s soft enough to use on your face. Wet the washcloth under hot water and place the hot washcloth on your face. Let it sit until the cloth cools. Finally, once the cloth has cooled, gently wipe your face with the cloth to remove the oil.

Why is this method beneficial?

First of all, oil cleansing is amazing if you have acne. It really helps to unclog your pores and remove bacteria. Also, the ocm is perfect for removing makeup. Massaging the oil in really helps to dissolve any and all makeup preventing your pores from being clogged. It also is effective at removing other impurities like sebum and bacteria. The ocm is a great deep cleaning method (castor oil) but doesn’t strip your skin like some other cleansers do. The combination of oils and a washcloth also provide a gentle exfoliation to your skin. Basically this method has all the benefits that your skin needs.

What do I do after oil cleansing?

Personally, after oil cleansing I complete the rest of my nightly skincare routine. I tone, use my serums and eye-creams, I also use my facial rollers and moisturize. What you do after oil cleansing all depends on your personal skin needs and goals. I use this method in place of

my normal cleansers but the rest of my routine remains the same.

**note** I have made my own oil cleansing balm based on what my skin needs and personal skin goals I’m trying to achieve.

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