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My Experience with Facial Rollers

So I recently added facial tools to my skincare routine. Like many, I was skeptical. What exactly could a piece of rose quartz or jade do for my large pores? Also, could rolling tiny needles across my skin really help me produce more collagen? If you know me then you know I'll try almost anything especially if it's presented and packaged well. So I began adding facial tools to my beauty routine and let me tell you guys THEY WORK! Now let's get realistic. Do these tools instantly take you from problem skin to a clear complexion? Not quite, but they will help in many ways. Let me share with you what I've been using and my thoughts on each tool.

Tool: Jade/ rose quartz roller: These were two of the first facial tools that I began using. They claim to:

  • Help de puff skin

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines

  • Help drain toxins through lymphatic massage

  • Help products absorb better

  • Release tension

Directions: So I have both the jade and rose quartz roller and I use one of them at least once a day. I use my roller after washing, toning, and moisturizing my face. Starting from the inside of my face I roll gently towards the ears and/or jaw line several times. The smaller side of the roller is best used under the eye area. The idea is to move puffiness and toxins toward the closest lymph nodes (under the jawline). *picture included below*

My experience: After using my roller consistently for several months I have found that its the tool I tend to reach for in the morning. Why? because that's when I notice the most puffiness in my face. The coldness of the stone has a similar affect of ice therefore it helps de puff the skin. I like to believe that the stone helps my products sink into my skin better but I can't prove it. The idea that you can iron out wrinkles with a roller are also questionable but any little bit helps right? Your preference between the jade or rose quartz roller is a personal one. They both do the job but supposedly the minerals in each have a specific benefit. I don't personally have a preference I grab whichever one is closest.

Recommendations: Yes I would recommend you add a roller to your routine. If for no other reason they definitely help with puffiness. Also they are not time consuming. I typically roll as I am lying in bed reading emails.

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