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How My Weekly Workout Routine Changed Me

So I noticed a few years ago as my age increased, my body began to change in the most unexpected ways. I have always been described as thin or even slim but lately certain areas began to sag, thin out, and even spread with no signs of stopping. Now let me began with this caveat, I absolutely think all women are beautiful no matter the body size. I am speaking of my own experience with my body. No matter the size, the most important factor in being beautiful is being healthy. Besides, did you know that beginning around the age of 30 our bodies lose muscle mass and tone resulting in loss of firmness. I've always had a passion for fitness and recently I've found the perfect routine for my body. My goal is to workout at least four times a week and these are the workout I've found to be most effective for me.

Mondays: Hot Power Yoga at Sol Yoga Florida

I like to begin my week with yoga for several reasons. It gives my body a good stretch, increases my flexibility, and it prepares me mentally for the week ahead. This style of yoga is a faster paced class that focuses on muscle strength while raising your heart rate. Its essentially traditional yoga with cardio benefits. Its also practiced in an infrared-heated studio that reaches temperatures around 100 degrees. An added benefit of the infrared light is that it detoxifies your pores, leaving you with a radiant, hydrated complexion. It's the perfect way for me to start the week and I leave feeling relaxed and prepared mentally and physically for the remainder of my week.

Tuesdays: Pilates at Jetset Miami Fitness

I live for my pilates class! I begin pilates about a year and a half ago. From the first class that I took I literally fell in love with it. Its done on a resistance based body conditioning reformer machine. Pilates is synonymous with a lean, tone body. It also eases back pain and strengthens the core. It sculpts your muscles. I honestly credit this exercise for toning up my sagging muscle tone. No matter how often I take this class, it never gets easy but I can say I always feel so accomplished after I'm done. The moves should be done slow but with accuracy. This alone makes it difficult. I absolutely love it, I'm addicted!

Wednesdays: Spinning at Flywheel

By midweek my body is craving something a little more fast paced and energized. So I incorporated spinning about a year ago. Spinning blasts through calories and body fat. A one hour class can work off as many as 700 calories which makes it awesome for weight loss. You can easily lose a pound of body fat per month. I love it for lower body muscle toning. Its a fun class because of the music selections and varying speeds and intervals done throughout the class.

Thursday/Friday: Bootcamp at Barrys Bootcamp

I heard about Barry's from a friend. She told me I would love it. So after her telling me a few times I figured I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did because she's right, I love it. Barry's Bootcamp tags itself as "the best workout the world" and for good reason. A class can burn up to 1,000 calories (sometimes more). According to their website, We combine cardio with weight training and alternate bursts of intense anaerobic exercise with recovery periods. In doing so, the heart rate is elevated for the entire workout. You’ll burn more calories and increase your lean body mass which can raise your metabolic rate by up to 15 percent. All I know is I leave this class knowing I just pushed myself as far as I could go. It's known as the "red room experience" because the room turns red and the music begins to play. The instructors lead you through a series of high intensity runs on the treadmill then strength training combinations with weights. Each day of the week they focus on a different body part. I like to go on either Thursday (lower body focus) or Friday (whole body focus). This is the perfect class to end my week.

In conclusion, everyone's fitness journey is personal and individual to them. I think the most important point is to get active and remain active for yourself. It's an act of self-love that makes you a better person overall. Since embarking on my own personal fitness journey, I of coarse feel better physically, but I also feel like I'm a better wife and mother for my husband and kids. I'm more conscious of what I eat and drink as well. The goal is to be the best version of yourself and exercise is absolutely necessary. I'm no expert by any means, I try to educate myself and read as much as possible on the benefits but just getting started was my most important step. I hope this was helpful for someone in some way.

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