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Beauty Q & A

Here you will find the answers to all of your beauty questions.


Q: Why are lips often dry?

A: Skin everywhere else on our body has 15-20 layers, when water escapes one layer, it has another 15 layers to penetrate through. Therefore, water, moisture and hydraters struggle to escape our skin. Our lips however, only has 3-5 layers, making the skin thin and water easily escapes. Also lips do not have pores. Pores release conditioning oils. To eliminate dry lips, you must re-form a water barrier as well as re-condition the skin underneath. Our Lip Blanket contains a collection moisturizing oils and butters that operate as a 'blanket' sealing in hydration.  




Q: What is Blue Tansy and how does it benefit skin?

A: Blue Tansy is an essential oil known for its natural blue hue. While its color is notable it has impressive benefits for the skin that makes it a remarkable ingredient. Blue Tansy is actually Moroccan chamomile. It has strong antioxidant properties and is highly anti-inflammatory. Like most chamomiles Blue Tansy relaxes the nervous system with its aroma. Because of its relaxing nature I love using it at night. Blue tansy regenerates cells and assists in detoxifying the body, so it is powerful at combating inflammation which is generally how eczema and psoriasis are manifested, as inflammation within the body.

All essential oils have the potential to irritate sensitive skin, although blue tansy doesn't tend to be problematic, it's not recommended for people with epilepsy or Parkinson's, and no one should ever ingest it because of its toxicity. if you're pregnant, consult a doctor before using any essential oil since it's unclear how they may affect the fetus


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